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Le Corbusier LC7 Swivel Chair
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Brief Description:
Le Corbusier's career spanned fifty years, and his designs are some of the most easily recognisable and respected in the furniture industry.

Product Details


Our's Replica Le Corbusier LC7 Swivel Chair is a charming reproduction of the original design, formed out of the strong stainless steel and leather. With a timeless style and simplicity, the Replica Swivel Chair is the perfect addition to any interior.

Designer Information

Le Corbusier

While Le Corbusier may sound like a design firm, it is in fact the alter ego of Charles-édouard Jeannerer, a Swiss-French architect who insisted on the nickname that he is now internationally renowned for. Born in Switzerland in the 1880s, Le Corbusier was one of the pioneers of the modern design movement. He studied visual arts before travelling to Vienna to study architecture, later settling in France and becoming a French national. Le Corbusier opened his Paris design studio in 1922, and it was from here that many of his famous works emerged, including the famed Le Corb Chaise Longue and Sofas.