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Valet Chair
Product ID:CH34
Brief Description:
Valet Chair Inspired by Hans J. Wegner
•Eye-catching chair design from 1951
•Foldable seat turns it into a clothes rail
•One of over 500 chairs designed by Hans J. Wegner in his lifetime

Product Details

Hans J. Wegner Valet Chair

Our Hans J. Wegner Valet Chair is one of the great man's most playful and unusual designs, utilising sculpted, shaped wood to create a truly unique silhouette that compliments any lounge or dining room setting. Boasting a backrest modelled on a clothes hanger, and a hinged seat which turns into a second peg upon which to hang clothes, the Hans J. Wegner Valet Chair is stylish, practical and individual all at the same time. And with its classic, simple wood finish, it truly ticks every box.

The story behind the Hans J. Wegner Valet Chair

The seed for the Hans J. Wegner Valet Chair was first planted in Wegner's visionary head in 1951, during a conversation with two friends and collaborators; Professor of Architecture Steen Eiler Rasmussen and designer Bo Bojesen about the problem of folding clothes in the most practical way at bedtime. The ultimate result was one of Hans J. Wegner's most playful and innovative chair designs, which could be turned from comfortable, supportive dining or office chair to clothes rail at a moment's notice, making it one of our coolest multi-functional products. Hans J. Wegner even reduced the number of legs from four to three to accentuate the sleek, almost aerodynamic profile of the Hans J. Wegner Valet Chair.