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Product ID:CH23
Brief Description:
J39 Inspired by Børge Mogensen
•The Peoples chair designed in 1947
•Created for the FDB mass production series
•Available in ASH wood

Product Details

Børge Mogensen

Børge Mogensen's J39 dining chair is nicknamed 'the people's chair' for its incredible versatility and appeal to everyone, in any environment. Its clean and simple lines show the influence of Mogensen's mentor, Kaare Klint, whose watchwords were simplicity and functionality. Our J39 style chair is beautifully constructed from solid oak with a hand-braided rattan seat that comes in either natural or black.

The story behind the J39 chair

Designed in 1947 for the Danish Cooperative, FDB, the chair was supposedly created after Børge Mogensen discovered an excess stock of poles at the factory. This proved to be a very lucky find, as the J39 has become one of Denmark's best selling chairs. It has been in production ever since it was launched, without interruption. In its 60+ years, the J39 has been used in a multitude of settings from canteens and conference rooms to churches and homes. It is this versatility that lead to the nickname, 'the people's chair' and its status as a design icon.