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CH33 Chair
Product ID:CH26
Brief Description:
CH33 Chair Inspired by Hans J. Wegner
•Seminal design from 1957
•Dramatic geometric silhouette
•Strong oak frame in Wegner's trademark style
•Wegner's dining chair range also include The Y Chair, The Chair and The Elbow Chair

Product Details

While our Hans J. Wegner-inspired CH33 Chair bears many of the hallmarks of the Elbow Chair and the Wing Chair, it strikes a more dramatic, avant-garde pose. Its angled legs offer exceptional support to the user, while the geometric shape of the backrest provides both excellent comfort and a real conversation starter. The soft, upholstered seat simply adds to the experience of this incredible chair.

The story behind the Hans J. Wegner CH33 Chair

Released in what could be considered Hans J. Wegner's 'Golden Period' in the mid-to-late 1950s, the CH33 Chair was one of the most eye-catching items in a range that included some of the great man's most famous designs. However, while some of the products released in this time were more conservative, the CH33 was anything but. Its dramatic angled legs and frame, creating both an exceptionally wide, solid base and the perfect plinth for the eye-catching backrest helped to produce something both unbelievably comfortable and truly beautiful. Even to this day, it remains a real show-stopper.