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Lampadina Table Lamp
Product ID:CT605
Brief Description:
Lampadina Table Lamp Inspired by A. and P. Castiglioni
•Classic eye-catching design from 1972
•Perfect desk or table lamp
•Offers amazing diffusion of light


Product Details

The Achille Castiglioni's Lampadina Table Lamp is the epitome of simple,yet dramatic cool. Consisting of a giant light bulb,set into a sleek,solid aluminium stand,its lack of a shade allows it to fill any space with light,making it the ideal addition to any dining room,office or even stylish lounge. Available in various colours,it can fit effortlessly amid almost any colour scheme.

The story behind the Castiglioni Lampadina Lamp

The Castiglioni brothers' work is as unmistakable today as it was in their 1960s-70s heyday,defined by its dramatic flamboyance and playful simplicity,and the Lampadina Table Lamp is certainly no exception. On first glance simply a massive oversized light bulb set in a stand,the intention of Achille Castigilioni's original design was to bring the fun and innocence of childhood back to the home,making furniture and lighting that made you feel child-sized again. The result was a bold,eye-catching design that still can't help but raise a smile.