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Serge Mouille Table Lamp
Product ID:6068T-1
Brief Description:
•Designed in 1950
•Goes brilliantly with both MFL-1 and MFL-3 Lamps
•A stylish addition to any table setting

Product Details

Serge Mouille Table Lamp

Our stunning Serge Mouille-inspired Table Lamp bears its designers signature stick insect-like profile and hallmark tapered iron legs, making it a sleek, stylish addition to any table setting, be it casual coffee table or more formal dining area. Cutting a sophisticated minimalist profile, while still boasting sumptuous organic curves, its fully adjustable shade allows you to adapt and change the illumination to any angle or mood.

The story behind the Serge Mouille Table Lamp

Designed as part of the MFL series of lamps, which Serge Mouille used as a medium to explore the use of natural, minimalist form and structure, evoking everything from insects to the branches of trees, the Table Lamp was a small but powerful design. It brought the same drama and panache as the MFL-1 or MFL-3, but to a smaller setting, allowing any table setting, be it office, dining or lounge, the same adaptability of light and focus. Its sleek iron body and curved, tapered legs make a real statement, while it's adjustable head and neck re-enforcing the insect-like appearance. But its real strength is its ability to adjust the angle and direction of light, completely changing the feel of a space, with a mere tweak of the shade.