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AJ Table lamp
Product ID:CT608
Brief Description:
AJ Table lamp Inspired by Arne Jacobsen
•Created for the Royal Hotel in 1960
•Can be used as bedside light or office lamp
•Available in a range of bright colours
•Part of the Arne Jacobsen AJ Light series alongside the Arne Jacobsen AJ Wall Lamp and the Arne Jacobsen AJ Floor Lamp

Product Details

Arne Jacobsen AJ Table Lamp

The most versatile of the Arne Jacobsen AJ lighting family, the Arne Jacobsen AJ Table lamp doesn't require any hard-wiring and its lightweight design makes it very easy to move. Maintaining all the features that made Arne Jacobsen's original so desirable, our Arne Jacobsen AJ Table lamp perfectly captures all its retro charm and functional beauty. The base was originally intended to hold an ashtray, but in these healthier times it is more often seen as a distinctive design feature.

The story behind the Arne Jacobsen AJ Table lamp

In 1960, Arne Jacobsen was asked to design the Royal Hotel in Copenhagen. This included every aspect of the building, from its architecture to the chairs, lighting and silverware inside. The AJ series was developed in 1960 to provide atmospheric, directional lighting in the hotel. The Arne JAcobsen AJ Table Lamp is part of the Arne Jacobsen AJ lighting series alongside the Arne Jacobsen AJ Floor Lamp and Arne Jacobsen AJ Wall Lamp.