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WG 24 Table Lamp
Product ID:CT609
Brief Description:
WG 24 Table Lamp Inspired by Wilhelm Wagenfeld
•German design from 1924
•Hand-crafted timeless aesthetic
•Chrome and glass
•A product of the Bauhaus School of Design alongside Mies Van der Rohe Barcelona Chair and The Marcel Breuer Wassily Chair

Product Details

Wilhelm Wagenfeld WG24 Table Lamp

The elegant design and quality craftsmanship of Wagenfeld's WG24 Table Lamp gives it a timeless aesthetic that works with any style interior. The lamp is a modernist celebration of function and form. The rounded shade is made from opalescent glass, which creates a glowing, diffused light. The stem is crafted from cylindrical stainless steel and is polished to reflect the light, while the base is a circle of thick glass. These geometric elements create a distinctive, effortless style reflecting the early modernist design principles.

The story behind the Wilhelm Wagenfeld WG24 Table Lamp

The Wagenfeld WG24 Table Lamp gets its name from the year of its design, 1924. Wagenfield was a student at Bauhaus in Germany, and the school's signature industrial style and minimalist design principles have unmistakably influenced the design. This has led to its nickname, the 'Bauhaus lamp'. The lamp's prototype was called the WA24 Lamp and had a chromed metal base, rather than the glass base of the Wilhelm Wagenfeld WG24 Table Lamp. At the time, the design was minimalist to the point of being revolutionary. Over the years, the lamp's popularity went from strength to strength, and in 1982 it received the German Design Council' national prize for 'good form'.