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Warren Platner Dining Table
Product ID:8869BT
Brief Description:
Warren Platner Dining Table Inspired by Warren Platner
Classic design from 1966
• The perfect foil for the Platner-inspired Stool or Armchair 
• Striking combination of steel wire and glass 

Product Details

With a table top sitting 71cm from the ground, our Warren Platner-inspired Dining Table is perfect for all dining occasions, be it a casual lunch with friends or a show-stopping dinner party, adding a dash of mid-century panache to any room it sits in. Its solid glass top has a diameter of 137cm, giving four diners more than enough room to gather around it and enjoy each other's company over a sumptuous meal, while Platner's trademark steel wire base is both sturdy and quirky.

The story behind the Warren Platner Dining Table

Warren Platner looked at design in a different way. He made a career out of experimenting, innovating and challenging people's perceptions of both what furniture was, but also of what it could be. His signature use of steel wiring and trademark solid base were examples of just this. He once said of its inception: 'I, as a designer, felt there was room for the kind of decorative, gentle, graceful kind of design that appeared in period style like Louis XV, but it could have a more rational base instead of being applied decoration. 'The result was the Dining Table, simultaneously revolutionary, classic and beautiful.