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Wegner style hoop chair
Product ID:CH50
Brief Description:
Wegner style hoop chair Inspired by Hans J. Wegner
•Innovative design from 1985
•Walnut frame and soft cashmere seat 
•Among Wegner's lastest designs
•Same wooden style as the Hans J. Wegner Peacock Chair

Product Details

Hans J. Wegner Hoop Chair

The Hans J. Wegner Hoop Chair is a unique chair that is surprisingly more comfortable than it looks. The frame is created from walnut wood, crafted into various connecting shapes. The 'hoop' forms the main component and this is tied together with woven rope to support the body. The seat and neck rest are made from soft, cushioning cashmere and come in a choice of colours.

The story behind the Hans J. Wegner Hoop Chair

Our Hans J. Wegner Hoop Chair is a faithful reproduction of The Circle Chair designed by Danish furniture and interior designer Hans J. Wegner in 1985. Hans J. Wegner loved to push boundaries and actually had to develop a special machine to manufacture his Circle Chair. His impact on modern furniture design cannot be over-estimated. It is said that without his innovative thinking and forward-looking designs, modern furniture design would not be where it is today.